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EGY Trend Financial Advisors was established on the Egyptian securities by a joint stock company with a paid-up capital of 750,000 pounds, according to the Capital Market Law No. 95 of 1992, and based on the contract for the establishment of companies in the Financial Supervisory Authority, according to the provisions of Law No. 95 of 1992 M. and its executive regulations at its session No. (1) held on September 6 2009 and approved its minutes from the President of the Financial Supervisory Authority on September 16 2009. The purpose of this company is to provide financial advice on securities .

Information about the company

  • Financial Consultancy Register for Securities No. (568)
  • Independent Financial Advisors Register No. (1745)
  • Main sponsor of listing small and medium-sized companies in the Nile Stock Exchange No. (34)
  • Certified registration agent for the main market (Egyptian Stock Exchange)
  • Experts of the Department of Restructuring and Bankruptcy in the Ministry of Justice (financial and administrative restructuring)
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  • Providing advice and preliminary study for the best alternatives available to the company requesting the financial advisory service
  • Corporate shares valuation (public companies and closed companies)
  • Evaluating various investment opportunities

We Adopted Accuracy When Preparing Economic Feasibility Studies Through:

  • Carry out feasibility studies for new projects
  • Providing advice and preliminary study for the best alternatives available to the company requesting the financial advisory service
  • Financial strategy and financing strategy developed
  • Supervising the preparation of market and technical studies
  • Study the project in all its aspects and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges
  • Measuring the degree of risks surrounding the project and how to mitigate them
  • The results of the feasibility study, financial indicators and sensitivity analysis
  • Carrying out all studies of ignorance in cooperation with the sister company "Global Legal Consultations"

And In It We Help Investors And Decision-Makers In Determining Their Priorities And Needs With Regard To Mergers And Acquisitions Through:

  • Contribute to solving private financial problems: what is meant by exceptional operations, such as mergers, acquisitions or separations, reorganization or financial and administrative restructuring or liquidation of some activities
  • Develop and implement a merger and acquisition strategy
  • Preparing documents and studies
  • Supervision, follow-up and coordination
  • End the process to achieve the desired goals professionally and professionally

We offer innovative solutions for financial and financial restructuring according to the following steps:

  • We provide periodic advice to the customer and follow up his performance according to the rescheduling program

The Company Has A Full Understanding Of Qualifying And Arranging The Registration Of Company Shares And Listing Them On The Egyptian Stock Exchange, Where It Performs The Following Tasks:

  • Completing the requirements of the Financial Supervision Authority with the following:
  • Contribute to offering shares and bonds for public and private subscription
  • Prepare the prospectus
  • Representing clients to obtain the approval of the Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Providing consultations for small and medium enterprises and qualifying them to be registered in the Nile Stock Exchange in coordination with listed companies
  • Assist the restricted companies to abide by the registration and disclosure rules
  • Conducting periodic research on the company and disseminating it to investors
  • Providing research coverage for companies under the auspices
  • Design a system for managing money and investment
  • Design a corporate governance framework
  • Design a framework for investor relations
  • Providing risk management advice

  • Establishing companies according to all laws and amendments, and changing the legal form of companies
  • Central registry entry

  • Preparing some training programs for workers in the fields of finance and banking
  • Contribute to training employees of companies listed on the official stock exchange and the Nile Stock Exchange on the rules of registration and disclosure and how to adhere to them

Meet Team


Prof. Adel Megally

Chairman Of Board Of Directors

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  • More than 35 years of work experience in various sectors of the financial services
  • He holds a Bachelor of Laws at Alexandria University in 1984
  • He holds many scientific and professional degrees in the fields of financial markets and corporate governance

Prof. Bassem Ramzy

Managing Director

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  • He has a long experience spanning 15 years in providing financing and investment services and solutions to the corporate sector
  • He has multiple experiences in preparing feasibility studies, company evaluation studies, and providing restructuring and financial consulting advice

Prof / Fares Muhammad

Head Of The Consulting Sector

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  • He has 15 years of experience in financial services
  • He held multiple positions in several securities trading companies
  • He has multiple experiences in preparing corporate valuation studies and managing mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, stock and stake trades

Prof. Mina Megally

Senior Financial Analyst

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  • Since 2017, he has been a Senior Financial Analyst at Egy Trend Financial Advisors
  • He is involved in preparing feasibility studies, financial evaluation studies for companies, and restructuring processes

Prof / Asma Taha

Senior Financial Analyst

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  • Work experience spanning more than 10 years in the areas of financial consulting, financing services and restructuring consulting
  • She has been involved in numerous corporate valuation studies, managing shareholder liquidation operations, as well as numerous feasibility studies, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring operations.


Dr. Nashat Abdul Aziz


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  • Practical experience of more than forty years in the areas of financial and economic consulting and banking operations in Egypt and France
  • He has many books that are professional references for workers in the fields of financing for investment funds and trading in stock exchanges, bond markets and stocks.

Dr. Hani Mustafa


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  • More than twenty years of work experience in the areas of corporate finance, investment management and evaluation, research preparation, feasibility studies and corporate governance
  • have experience in managing the Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Unit at Ernst & Young (E&Y) office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Shaban Ahmed

Legal Advisor

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  • Extensive work experience in the investment and corporate finance sectors
  • Worked for 15 years at the Capital Market Authority in the Arab Republic of Egypt, "Financial Supervision Authority"
  • He provided various services in financing and investment activities by providing legal advice related to mergers, acquisitions and liquidations of companies

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